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Anónimo dijo...

Pope prays for victims
HHS Chief: Katrina Death Toll in Thousands Chief Justice Rehnquist Dies of Cancer Bush Says He'll Fill Vacancies Promptly New Orleans Begins Grisly Cleanup Ala.
You have an interesting blog!
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Juan Solo dijo...

The Pope smokes dope.
I have an interesting blog, yeah.

Subjuntivo dijo...

Do you?
Give me the address!!!


maldita dijo...

Oh, and you're supposed to be funny? Both of you?
hahaha I'm laughing of Janeiro.

Juan Solo dijo...

I'm not having fun. Neither Robertito. Imperfecto's very bored (he wants to smoke with ol' Ratzinger!)
Come on, Ironía, don't be more popist than the Pope!
(Or just blame it to the bossa nova)

maldita dijo...

I´m not more popist than the pope (by the by, hahaha). I´m just lauging WITH you. I saw Robertito. Quite sad he seem. Why is he so sad?

Lucky me, I have Roberto by my side almost every night. And he´s always in a good mood...

gerund dijo...

No sé porque Ud me deja el comentario sobre mi tamaño, pero muchísimas gracias (por eso y por pasar por mi flog!).